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Becoming a Reseller


It's all about Win - Win !

Since SeeMySite works anywhere in the World (There needs to be mobile coverage) it makes sense to us that we partner with entrepreneurial people who share our view, and are looking for an opportunity to generate themselves a consistent income by presenting SeeMySite to organisations that have a need of our easy to use Workforce Management Software. After all, it doesn't matter if you are in London, Sydney, or Manila...if you have mobile coverage then SeeMySite is the perfect tool for the Small to Medium sized business to replace paper timesheets, and get a real time view of workers as they move about their daily tasks. 



So How Do I Benefit?

Since you're the one who knows your local market, you're better placed than we are to know which industries are better suited to SeeMySite and which aren't - also you may have local contacts who you think would benefit from using SeeMySite and they could well be your first sales. As a Re-seller of SeeMySite here's what we're asking from you: 

  • Firstly - Register your interest by signing up a trial at SeeMySite

  • Secondly - Send an email to [email protected]   and in the subject title add the word 'Re-seller' and add (Your Country)' 

We'll make contact with you and set you up with Re-seller Account so you can demo SeeMySite whenever you want. You'll be able to set up other companies/ branches with your account to show people what we do. We'll provide you with some training and marketing material and once you're good enough we'll also licence you to perform additional on site training if thats something you want to do.  

What's in it for me? 

As a Re-seller you will receive: 

  • Up to 20% share of any monthly revenue generated by your customer (You'll register them first with us of course)

  • A 50% share of any one off training revenue - (We'll be doing most of it - Unless you want to do it all once trained!)

It's as simple as identifying the customers, registering them as belonging to you, and making sure they get up and running and have loaded their Site and Worker data. Every month you'll be earning $USD from those customers being paid to your local account. We'll manage the backend and software side of things - you'll just be registering and introducing customers in your local market, and building yourself a nice steady monthly income stream!

SeeMySite really is simple to use Workforce Management Software - and will suit small to medium sized businesses in your country right if you're you're looking for recurring revenue from an easy to use product them make contact and establish yourself today as a SeeMySite Re-seller!

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