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The Challenge


The construction industry has its own challenges to face but does share many commonalities with some of the other key industries that SeeMySite services. Workforce Management requirements in Construction bears many similarities to other industries, however, given the scale of many projects that Construction Companies are involved in, the Workforce Management challenges are often exponentially greater. The larger the project, the larger the requirement for qualified Workers, and in turn the greater the requirement for compliance.


SeeMySite offers construction companies a simple to use Workforce Management solution with the added benefit that SeeMySite can work across companies. So if as a PCBU your construction company has a number of Subcontractors on site – then SeeMySite can easily cope in managing and reporting on attendance and task for these businesses. Some of the issues facing the Construction industry that SeeMySite can help with are:


Skilled Labour Shortages

When it comes to the success of your construction projects, the experience and skills of your workers can really make it or break it. Literally. There is a definite labour shortage when it comes to skilled workers in the construction industry, and this can cause several problems. Unskilled workers can make costly mistakes, causing delays or adding stress to your budget.

They can also make a bad impression with the client and potentially lose you business. Your workers are the face of your business and will shape how clients perceive you, so it’s important to get a good crew. SeeMySite can help retain those valuable Workers through accurate attendance and job management

Poor Cashflow

With the complex nature of most construction projects, it can be very difficult to maintain good cash flow. You’ll have no shortage of payments to make, including employees, contractors, suppliers and other various costs. This will only be offset by invoices from the client, which are frequently late and often don’t come in until after the job is complete. What better way to get timely attendance information than using SeeMySite!

Small Profit Margins

When it comes to running a construction business, having a good list of regular clients is only half the battle. With small profit margins, your long list of clients won’t get you very far. Trying to increase profits or even maintain decent profits has always been hard in the competitive construction industry, and this year will be no different. Clients are always looking for the best price, and the expenses are often quite high and unpredictable.

Poor Planning

While finding areas where you can reduce your expenses is good, cutting corners is definitely not. It only takes one unforeseen event to cause big delays, lose profits and many other problems. It is important to make sure you have a plan in place for your project from start to finish, accounting for potential risks and worst-case-scenarios. This will help reduce these costly mistakes. SeeMySite caters for Hazard alerting and management as a standard tool


Communication is critical to keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding costly mistakes. In today’s age of technology, there is no excuse for improper communication on the worksite.

What are the benefits of communication in a construction project?

  • Building a strong team that works well together

  • Sharing of ideas and innovation

  • Improved management

  • Feedback loops to identify areas of improvement

  • Better results

Effective construction communication can be extremely valuable, and isn’t too hard to implement. Make sure you establish clear lines of communication, with communication methods that are working for you. Listen actively to your team, and be clear and concise.

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