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Time & Attendance Software - Its importance to Small Business


We've always done it this way! Small Business Owners (Small to Medium Enterprises) are over represented as employers in most modern economies. Sure the Googles, Microsoft and Apples of this world employ a lot of people, but in many modern economies well over 90% of employers have less than 20 staff, but make up 30% plus of national revenues.  Whilst the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well many 'established' businesses remain entrenched in doing it ' the way we've always one it.' 

This is all well and good in a world where things are being done in the way that 'they always have been' but we all know that the invention of  little thing called the 'Internet' changed the way that businesses (Small Businesses in particular) need to operate. Suddenly having a web page made Small Business appear exactly the same as larger ones. After all when reviewing a webpage it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between a business that has 10,000 employees to one that has 10.

Time and Attendance Software - Never more important in Small Business With the changing digital landscape and the resultant demands on Small Business owners, the change from paper based time sheet management to electronic attendance via Time and Attendance mobility has become increasingly important. Suddenly doing it the way you always did it meant that Small Business Owners were competing against others in their industries who were adopting Time and Attendance Software, and requiring that their Workers electronically log their attendance where they arrived and left the sites they visited as part of their work. 

The use of Mobility to record not just attendance, but task management, Health & Safety information as well as personal timesheet data meant that more accurate worker information was now available for billing. No more trying to decipher handwriting on paper based timesheets. No more paper based timesheets that perfectly matched a Workers rostered time on site. The addition of the use of mobility as part of an integrated Time & Attendance Software suite meant that 'actual' work times are being captured allowing Small Business owners the opportunity to fairly and accurately pay workers for the time they spent on site - rather than what as planned, yet undelivered. 

Small Business owners everywhere - If you're still using paper to record, report and manage the Time and Attendance requirements of your business then you're using flint arrows in a competitive business environment where your competition are armed with the latest tools. 

How to meet your Customers expectations As a Small Business Owner you're always looking to ensure that next sale, to hang on to that existing customer and to protect your cashflow. The use of Time and Attendance Software - even for a business with a few Workers, could mean that you are not only saving thousands of dollars a year in paying Workers for 'Actual' time worked as opposed to what they were 'Planned' to work (And verified by a signed paper timesheet) - as well as resulting in real, evidential times that your Customers may expect to see as part of any billing process. 

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