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Small Business Owners - 5 Easy Ways to reclaim Time!

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Its better to Rust than Burnout - As a Small Business Owner we can all agree that working hard is important.  It's your business and the buck stops with you. is very important to set out a limit on what you can do. If you burn out, your quality of work will decrease as well. One of my favourite movies Blade Runner has a great line. " The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long!" This is a marathon not a sprint. Remember 50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years - dont be one of then. 

When you're at - But stop answering work email or calls at night: If you check your inbox or calls late at night you could be tempted to continue working late after you left work. To remedy this, turn off all work-related notifications once you leave the office. But...I hear you saying, someone may need me. Someone may need a decision. Instruct your staff that if it is life and death then OK call me - otherwise you need to justify to me why you called me at 10.00 pm to tell  me we needed more biscuits in the office. 

No means No! - If you're too accommodating start saying 'No' more: There are many times during the day where others propose a new project or organize a meeting. Unnecessary meetings are the King of time theft. If you are filled with tasks, it might be better to say no and explain that you are way too busy at the moment. If you are filled with tasks you will never perform at your maximum. Ask yourself if a meeting is really necessary...if not don't commit. 

Value your time - Are you working at $100 per hour or are you working at $10. As the CEO of your business it's up to you to ensure that your time is dollar productive. If you aren't leading by example and you're in the trenches performing $10 activities then that is what your staff will expect of you. 

Use technology where possible - Sure we would say that as we're Software Vendors. It doesn't make it any less true. If you are still using paper then you are competing against businesses that aren't. You're taking the proverbial knife to a gunfight. You're competing in a business environment where your competitors staff are out in the marketplace with the latest weaponry and your staff are carrying flintlocks. Now find out 5 Easy Ways to profit in your SME

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