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Risk Management is one of the greatest challenges facing the Electrical Industry from a Workforce Management point of view. Electricians being called into and onto construction sites that are in various stages of completion offer electricians perhaps one of the greatest Workforce challenges from a health and safety point of view. After all, very often Builders and Construction crews are spending large amounts of time at the one site getting their projects to a stage whereby the Electrician can be called to come and do their ‘bit’.

Often this will entail working on site that have exposed or non-declared hazards that may be well known to those Workers who have been on site for  while – but not the ‘Sparky’ who arrives to do their fit out. This is where SeeMySite comes into its own. Hazard Management and notification can be done by ALL Workers attending a site, and Electricians  can be notified of any and ALL new hazards when they arrive on site.



There are pros and cons to both waged workers and subcontractors. Liability is less complex with subcontractors, but training is easier with waged workers. It can be harder to get subcontractors and their employees engaged in training. This could lead to a reduction of quality and reputation of the sector if not managed correctly. Workforce Management tools and enforcing the use of mobile based attendance services gives greater transparency over subcontractor attendance and job completion. It's better for the subbie to send you a job note of completion than wait for a paper based on to arrive weeks later!

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