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Labour Hire

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The Challenge


The issue for many Labour Hire organisations is that casual or temporary workers are often less constrained in their working practices than those Workers who are tied into employment agreements. The challenge from a Workforce Management point of view is in being able to successfully connect with this employment base and also to effectively be able to monitor contracted activities. SeeMySite offers the perfect foil for the requirement to verify time and task information.

Labour hire is a popular employment solution in a range of industries, such as building and construction, mining, retail, and warehousing. This is because these industries are often subject to fluctuations in workloads, due to seasonal demand, additional/delayed projects, etc.


Labour hire has typically been frowned upon due to the placement of casual employees who are often performing work similar to those employed by the host employer on a permanent basis. Unions argue the denial to casual employees of annual leave and personal leave, and any enterprise specific terms and conditions applying to those they work alongside at the host employer, is unfair.

Further, there have been a number of complaints of underpayments by lower skilled and low paid workers by labour hire providers which have led the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) to conduct several investigations and prosecutions in the past five years. The FWO has wide ranging powers to investigate and prosecute labour hire entities and host employers over breaches of the FW Act, including failures to provide employees with minimum entitlements. The FWO has been utilising the 'accessorial liability' provisions of the FW Act to add host employers and their managers as accessories in test cases involving labour hire firms


The flexibility that labour hire agencies provide, through the supply of a contingent workforce, enables businesses to stay agile and cope with fluctuating demand, without incurring the costs associated with taking on part-time or full-time workers. Flexibility is one of the most prominent reasons why organisations in a range of industries are drawn to labour hire service, as it allows them to scale their businesses easily.

Businesses, particularly those operating in the construction, mining, manufacturing and warehousing industries, heavily rely on the use of labour hire agencies, as they often experience peaks and troughs in demand and need require workers on the fly.

Labour hire is also a great employment solution for businesses that require workers with specialized skills. This is because labour hire agencies often possess an extensive database of workers with a range of skills, qualifications and experiences, enabling them to have a suitable worker already available. If not, labour hire agencies have the expertise to find workers that are best-suited to the role, based on the brief provided by the client. Labour hire agencies allow businesses to outsource their recruitment processes, focus on the core functions of their business and access certain skills easily.

The utilisation of Workers mobiles as their attendance management tool effectively answers many of these questions.

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