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Overdue Workers

Overdue Worker Counter on Dashboard.gif
Mobile Overdue Worker Notification.jpg

SeeMySite allows users to set a default duration that is to appear on Worker Mobiles when they first log in. This is to make the log in process much quicker for the Worker if they are consistently working the same number of hours each date i.e. 8 hours. 

In the event that the Worker wishes to modify the time they expect to be on Site, they can simply use the scroll wheel on their mobile to register their expected duration on Site. Once a Worker exceeds that expected time (This is your Health & Safety Alert) then SeeMySite will send them a text message reminding them to log out from their current Site.

In the event that the Worker still does not log out then SeeMySite will escalate the notification to the Workers Supervisor to let them know that there may be a problem. The SeeMySite dashboard (Available as the home screen and log on for all Users) will incrementally increase/decrease as any Overdue Workers log out. 

The aim of course is to have that number at '0' at the end of the day! This feature comes standard as part of the SeeMySite Service. There are those organisations who do not wish to have an overdue notification feature available, and in this event the service is customisable and able to be switched off if that is your requirement. 

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