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Businesses that want success must use every resource available to maximize workforce potential. At the same time, poor management increases risk, adding to insurance costs. Effective management will help grow your business, reduce overhead, and maximize employee output. Reduce risk and increase productivity. Consider the following:




Customers are mindful of waste products and want to see things being done sustainably. There is growing awareness regarding waste, from both painting businesses and customers. The painting & decorating industry could develop industry standards that limit environmental impacts of their work. Some councils are starting to regulate the management of waste on site and put in place more environmental compliance. This is an area that will continue to grow in the future. Painters need to have ongoing, continual learning in this area.


Going Digital 


Even small painting businesses have a lot to juggle. Each project can require hours of administrative support. Planning, resource management, people management, billing and more require dedicated time and effort. Huge companies have the benefit of billing and sales departments – then there’s everyone else.


Today, innumerable mobile and desktop solutions exist helping painters spend more time focusing on the work. Digital invoicing, resource tools, and client management ensure paperwork is never lost and projects finish on time. Move your business into the digital space and increase your productivity.


Maximize the Workday


Projects are expensive – time wasted is money wasted. That’s why it’s all the more shocking many  employees spend up to 50% of the day waiting for work to begin. Improve time management on the job site and you’ll almost-automatically increase workforce productivity. You don’t need to hire an outside consultant. A glance at your how your employees spend their time can show ways for increasing efficiency. Look for ways to reduce time spent on:


  • Workday planning

  • On-site travel

  • Material procurement

  • Tool unloading

  • Site preparation

  • Site cleanup, and more



There are pros and cons to both waged workers and subcontractors. Liability is less complex with subcontractors, but training is easier with waged workers. It can be harder to get subcontractors and their employees engaged in training. This could lead to a reduction of quality and reputation of the sector if not managed correctly. Workforce Management tools and enforcing the use of mobile based attendance services gives greater transparency over subcontractor attendance and job completion. It's better for the subbie to send you a job note of completion than wait for a paper based on to arrive weeks later!

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