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Get rid of the Paper!

Replace Paper Timesheets

It’s no secret that paper-based timesheets are still in common use for many small business owners. After all, that’s the way its always been done hasn’t it. You trust your employees and there certainly will be those amongst them that are fastidious in the way they fill in their paper timesheets and make sure that they only account for the correct time they have spent on site. So here’s the thing. Take a look at your work force and if you can make a note of those that you are absolutely sure aren’t adding in extra time, or accounting for time that they did not spend on site. If you can honestly say that they all are spot on then you have a truly outstanding team…one to be proud of.

Sometimes it’s a case of an employee just forgetting to fill in their timesheet until some later date. I don’t know about you but I can have trouble remembering what I had for sinner last night or a few days ago, so its tough to remember exactly how much time I spent on a job on a particular day. By using paper you are putting your business success and profitability in the hands of a number of people who may…or may not remember when they were on site, or indeed for how long. We’re not even considering the possibility of fraud here…this is just from forgetfulness!

Now, how about those employees who see paper based timesheets as an opportunity to ‘earn’ themselves a bit more money in their pay packets? Adding an extra hour here or there doesn’t seem such a bad thing does it? Well, I guess that depend on how many employees are doing it. Not so bad if its one or two…but if you have twenty or thirty…or more doing it ever week, what does that look like to the bottom line of your business?

The secret to replacing paper timesheets? Capture data at source. Let me say that again. Capture data at source. Trust that your employees are doing what they say they are doing, but verify that by using some form of electronic data attendance service that records a time stamp at the beginning and end of a period of work. Tear up the paper today...and go electronic. Stop worrying about the cost of buying extra consumables or buying additional capital items. Eradicating paper based time recording is the biggest and most profitable change you can make to your business…today!

Workforce Management Software – Helps meet compliance requirements

Non-compliance risks may increase with cluttered management. Reduce these hazards by using reliable WFM software like

This system helps keep attendance and time tracking organized in one place. Many employee non-compliance cases come from poor attendance and work ethics. For example, a staff member may take an extended meal break without you knowing about it. Conversely, a company worker might not report their absences to their supervisors.

Use a WFM system to help minimize these incidents from happening. Require staff members to clock in and out of their work, even if they’re only going to head out for a break. By incorporating this system, you’ll always know the current status of your employee’s tasks.

Make the Big Calls

To introduce change sometimes you have to make the big calls. If your Workforce is managing you then you really only have two options. The first – let it carry on, but at some stage you’ll find that a lack of direction will result in financial or operational collapse, as all rudderless ships eventually drift onto a reef and founder. Secondly…make the big call. Introduce process – include some digital attendance management software and use devices like Worker Mobiles to monitor work. Measure the information that you receive back form these tools, and make the hard calls when that information comes to hand.

It’s time to get back in front of the pack and become the lead dog again…

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