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Why replacing Paper is so difficult! And Why you must..

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

It's no secret that its difficult to get people to change away from using paper to record information about what they have been up to - after all, it's how most people have been doing things for hundreds of years. Paper has a number of attractive qualities. It's inexpensive, its semi permanent, and if things go wrong or aren't captured correctly the first time then it's just a matter of crossing something out and then re-submitting it as an accurate record of what happened...but hang on, it's that word accurate that causes things to come unstuck

After all, accuracy means different things to different people. Is information more accurate when its captured at source and at time that an event occurred...or more accurate sometime after the event when the person doing the recording has the time to sit down and fully reflect on what occurred. I know that when the judge is reviewing evidence in court and they ask a Police Officer when information was recorded - they always prefer notes 'made at the time', to those that have been historically recorded at a later date.

  • Replacing paper is often so difficult to replace because this 'Is the way things have always been done'

  • And it is in the interest of the person using a paper based system to a digital one. After all, wouldn't you want the opportunity to fill in information at a later date that was more favourable to you? You can add times that are consistent with you're supposed to be at a place, or record information on paper that wasn't recorded at the time the event was supposed to happen

That's the very reason why any modern business needs to make sure they are using some form of digital data capture device to record work that happens at 'source' i.e. verified and digital so that date/time stamps are recorded at the time of any service delivery. Bottom line is you have to use something other than paper - or all you;re getting is someones 'version' of what occurred. The Chinese have a saying that basically says 'Trust...but verify.' Give people the responsibility, but also give them the tools.

The American Certified Fraud Examiners group estimate that 7% of Company revenue is being lost annually and that 37% of Fraud within companies typically is instigated by Management. It normally takes about 2 years to identify these episodes of fraud. So start your journey in reducing this leakage by adopting some for of digital attendance

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