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The Uberisation of Workers - Its Coming!

Is your organisation ready to take a step away from the traditional practices and leverage the opportunities that the modern workforce has to offer? When you’re looking for trends in any industry it’s often a good idea to have a look at what is happening in other industries – even those not closely aligned to your own. Do trends migrate across different technology and workforce platforms? Sure they do! If something works well in one environment – provided you’re looking at totally different paradigms – there is very chance that a great idea over there could work equally as well over here.

Sometimes…it might just take a bit of polishing!Modern Workforce management practices have and will continue to change to recognise this changing landscape. After all, it’s not just about the latest iPhone or Android device…or is it when it comes to the changing workforce. My parents never had to deal with the sea change that it is the mobile device, and to be fair I just can’t see my Dad staring into a screen, clicking on an app, or waiting for an update. More than likely his generation would have hurled any device with a spinning wheel of death into the nearest bit of water he came across.

If you look at how consuming the modern mobile device is when it comes to needing our attention throughout the day, it juts makes sense that in the near to medium term future your device (in whatever shape or form in will come in) will be your gateway to employment. Organizations will dramatically cut their full-time headcount, becoming more agile in the process working with outsourced employment pools that have been pre vetted instead. Uberisation is looks like a win/win situation that works for this model. Freelancers and consultants are already a big part of this trend “The Uberisation of workforce”, particularly in the tech world.

But hang on you say, that will never work for the Blue-Collar workforce! I beg to differ. Let’s look at it from the point of view of the traditional employer. Being able to broadcast and fill job opportunities to a pre-qualified employment group sure has its attractions. Things like:

Cost benefit Employers don’t have to bear the burden of minimum acceptable work just like with freelancers and you pay for what you want. In an hourly pay arrangement with freelance work you will not have an insight into how those hours are being utilised, and there’s always a possibility of costs scaling up.

On Time delivery For a start-up running on tight timelines and budget, time is money. Otherwise the time will come when your CFO or your client will knock on your door demanding to know how much more time!! Working with an Uberised Worker demands constant monitoring and eyes on progress.

Find employees that fit to your worker requirement Employers work with pre-vetted Workers. Part of any Uberisation process means that there is a degree of certainty over any qualification process. A Worker who wants to make themselves available will have to provide more information that a stagnant old C.V.

Workers will be rated by Employers If you think about it, it’s a logical part of the process. Just like evaluating your Uber driver. Was the driver on time, was their vehicle tidy, rate the experience? No difference in an Uberised Workforce. Workers in this dynamic will have all of their good and bad points exposed as part of any employment bid. You don’t pick the worst rated Uber driver, do you? The same will apply to the transparency granted in the future workforce.

Beware the Bad review

Beware the bad work review! Yes. Just the same way as you currently check to see if others rate a restaurant or had a bad experience, Workers will be subject to both good and bad reviews…How many stars will an employer look at before deciding not to offer someone am opportunity of work?

So back on topic – technology just continues to redefine not just the workplace, but also the means in which we will identify and hire in the years to come. Employment type Uber apps will mean that Workers will have the opportunity to bid for work in the same many as we now review the person we task with driving us from A to B. It just makes sense….

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