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Try us at no charge!

Who doesn't like something free! When you sign up you can add some workers and sites. Don't worry....we won't be asking for any credit card info. We will of course if you decide you want to carry on using our service (That's fair isn't it)


Load some Sites, add some Workers, then invite them to use their Mobiles and try us for a month. Then you can decide if you want to carry problems. NOTE: Web Access is a person who has password access to the website and can create sites, workers, view timesheets and export information

** You may need ONLY one of these

Carrying on with SeeMySite...

In keeping with our theme of making software simple...our pricing is the same. Please  note that if you wish to continue using our service beyond your free trial then you're able to simply 'Top Up' as you go via Credit card. (ALL fees are in $USD and will be converted to you local currency on CC use)​

Pricing Matrix 2.jpg
Thats it....

Unless you want us to help with your set up process or need additional training (just email [email protected] ) there are no other charges. In the event that you don't want to continue using the service then just don't top up and there will be no further charges. NOTE: In the event that you run out of credit just top up, its pretty straight forward

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