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Remote Workers

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If your business has Remote Workers, managing employee performance and keeping the team connected can be incredibly difficult. It's the cornerstone of your business, and managing Time & Attendance becomes all the more important. As an employer your duty of care continues regardless of the fact that your employee is not office based. You’re rarely all in the same place at the same time, and even though you’re all working towards the same goal, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is playing their part. 

In an ever changing 'Workforce Management' world the Remote Worker is becoming more and more the standard, so its vitally important that your organisation has the policies and procedures in place to ensure that attendance management is top of mind, as well as making sure that any Health and Safety requirements are met for that Worker. Because of the remote nature of many modern work sites its difficult to ensure that productivity requirements are being met. Did the Worker arrive on time, and more importantly, having arrive did they leave the site and if not - do I have a procedure in place that will notify any responsible management that the Worker is overdue on that site. 



Liability is less complex with subcontractors, but a duty of care still remains for any primary contractor (In most countries) whereby the primary contract need to ensure that the subcontractor and their staff remain safe, as well as conform to their contractual requirements.  Workforce Management tools and enforcing the use of mobile based attendance services gives greater transparency over subcontractor attendance and job completion. It's better for the subbie to send you a job note of completion than wait for a paper based on to arrive weeks later!

What is a Remote Worker?

From SeeMySite' point of view a Remote Worker can be anybody undertaking work at a location that is not a central place of work. i.e. not an office or workshop. As soon as any organisation send out a Worker to perform work at a location other than their centralised head office or branch, they can be deemed to be performing a Remote Worker function. Typically the Organisation will want a record of that time/location where they work was being carried out - so using a Workforce Management tool like SeeMySite to perform a Time and Attendance function makes sense. What type of industries other than Blue Collar industries can use a Mobile attendance software service like SeeMySite? 

SeeMySite works so well for Simple Time and Attendance

We've found that many Organisations that use Remote Workers often have a very transient Worker base. This is particularly true when considering the use of part-time or a temporary workforce, such as event management or by Charities or Not for Profits. These organisations need a Time and Attendance software solution that can be set up quickly, doesn't attract large set up fees, and can be turned on and off for use by a large number of Workers at short notice - if this is your organisation then please set up a trial account and let us know more of your requirement by contacting [email protected] 

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