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Replacing Timesheets

Paper Timesheets should really be considered a thing of the past - in circumstances where organisations have the ability to use some form of digital tool to record Site based attendance. 

The process of recording attendance on Site by an employee should really be done by a mobile device or fixed data capture terminal like a Bio-metric or facial recognition device. There are of course some inherent issues with using paper based timesheets which include:

  • Data that is often recorded historically i.e. after the event some time

  • The cost of converting that timesheet into a digital record for payroll

  • The cost of ' manual rounding' i.e. time that is rounded up or down to suit the person recording that time. Digital devices don't care...they just record actual times

  • Illegible information - hand written times are often illegible

  • Fraud - straight out someone recording information that is historic

SeeMySite does allow the Worker to be able to view their current timesheet. So in the event of any contestable times the Worker does have the ability to see this information prior to payroll. 

Mobile Timesheet 150419.jpg
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Workers Timesheet.jpg
Workers using Mobiles
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