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What do I need to run the SeeMySite service?

Just access to a browser or mobile phone. As a User you’ll be able to add new sites and workers and view and export their attendance and any event information. ANYBODY with a mobile phone who has been invited can use our mobile gateway or text the Site ID and register their attendance – so no additional software or App required.


Does it cost Workers to use the SeeMySite service?

Aside from any mobile internet access there is no additional charge to the Worker. In the event that you have a worker who doesn’t have a plan or credit on their mobile you may want to consider providing them with a basic plan, so they can use the service, or simply invite them to use the mobile gateway.


What if there is no coverage or I have a Worker without a mobile?

We offer the ability for a User to be able to make a manual time entry and specify a work duration as part of the service. So you’ll be able to record the work event and a reminder to check that the Worker has indeed finished work and is off site.


Will it work in my Country?

We sure hope so! If it doesn't then please let us know. SeeMySite  has been designed to provide the maximum benefit for the least amount of information, so provided you've registered then its a case of adding your Site & Worker Information and then inviting your Workers from the Worker Tab. Our GDPR policy is available on sign up on upon request


What does the Free Trial provide me?

If you take up the free trial you'll be able to add a single branch (1 User) and up to 4 Workers. You'll be able to add as many Sites as you want, and the trial will run for a month. If after that you want to add more branches, and Workers or more Users then just use the Top Up Function. The service is opt in/opt out, so if you decide you dont want to use the service anymore then don't Top up. 

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