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Timesheet/Payroll Information

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Time Records and Timesheet information are of course one of the huge benefits of using SeeMySite to record Worker attendance. SeeMySite is a real time service, so all logs that are occurring are registering as additional Workers and are showing on the dashboard. 


SeeMySite takes a very flexible view when looking at this information and Time Records remain available for review and export through the use of our very flexible report creation tool. Actual Time records remain in SeeMySite, as it is fundamental to any Time and Attendance service that there remain a true record of what was actual recorded. 


SeeMySite does however offer its Users the ability to be able to export an 'Approved' time file which can then be used for payroll purposes or indeed for import into any third party payroll software provider that you may use. (An integrated API may be able to be made available subject to your/vendor requirements)

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