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 Worker Attendance

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Workers are at the core of any successful organisation, and managing their information from an on boarding point of view, as well as ensuring that they are authorised to gain access is vital. 

SeeMySite doesn't seek to act as an HR system with one of its primary functions being the simplification of data entry and transport for its users. With this in mind the key fields SeeMySite needs are: 

  • ID - We generate this.

  • CODE - An identifier we will generate in our system

  • NAME -  Yes..we're going to need one of those

  • EXTERNAL REF - A unique identifier that you use for your employee. More often than not a payroll number.

  • ORGANISATION - This may be your company or a branch name. We can cater for any number of branches/regions that you may need

  • MOBILE NUMBER -  We need one of these for each Worker who is using the service. Since SeeMySite works anywhere, we'll need your country ID before the mobile.

  • INACTIVE - Yes..turn access on or off

send Invite SMS button.jpg

So once the Workers Mobile has been recorded a User (Web Browser Access) can 'Invite' a Worker to use their mobile.


The Worker will receive an SMS invite which contains their registration information. Once the Worker responds to this SMS message and registers they are able to use the SeeMySite service. 

Worker Invite Process.jpg

SUCCESS - That's it, your Worker is now able to use the SeeMySite Mobile to log in and out, record Job/task information, view their timesheet and use the Event area to report any Hazards or incidents. 

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