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Small Business Time Tracking Software


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The secret to managing your time and information as a Small Business user of software is to ensure that any Time Tracking that is done should be simple to monitor - and simple to manage. 

SeeMySite is Time Tracking software designed for Small Businesses. Why? - Because Time Management is crucial when you are a Small Business. The less time you can spend managing data and databases means the more time you have to focus on the bottom line and profitability


The first step is to record core information about 'Where' you expect your Workers/Contractors to work. Time tracking does require the use of some form of technology. Paper based verification is little more than a guess in many cases - as paper lends itself to use well after any work has been delivered.


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One of the great challenges for Small Businesses when deciding to use Time Tracking Software is in the management of individual Workers. Identifying 'Who' did the work becomes much clearing when using a mobile phone or digital device as generally a mobile device is attached to an individual Worker. BYOD (Bring Your on Device) is far and way the most popular method of electronic visit verification for most workforces nowadays. 


By tying Time Tracking to a workers Mobile, Small Business Owners are able to verify job attendance in real time as well as utilise software functions that enable the Worker to record and communicate Job information in an effective manner. Be wary of adopting a shared device policy with regard to mobility - as this opens up questions about 'Who' used the device. 


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Every Small Business is different. every Small Business has different needs when managing Time Tracking Software. For some Small Businesses it's sufficient to verify that someone turned up and that work had been done at a Site. For other Small Businesses it's more important to know start and finish times, duration of work, as well as tasks completed. SeeMySite is flexible enough to manage all of these needs for your Time Tracking needs. Perhaps you may want to become a Reseller? Or why not check out our pricing 

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