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The Mobile Worker 

Workforce Management Process

It makes sense to use the tool of choice for your Time and Attendance requirements when considering Workforce Management software - and that tool of choice of course is the mobile phone. Most organisations nowadays recognise that the BYOD (Bring your own device model) works best as people generally don't want to carry around two mobile phones. 

SeeMySite has a very simple 'Invitation' process that it uses to allow the Mobile Worker to register their device for use with SeeMySite' service. You can see how that process works in the 'Worker Attendance' tab. A Worker needs to have their mobile phone number registered within SeeMySite Workforce Management Software, and once registered can be invited to register. This process typically involves the Worker following a series of links that then activates their mobile phone for use. Once active the worker can: 

Worker Looking at mobile screen.gif
Mobile Home page 080519.jpg
Mobile Add Note Screen. jpg


STEP ONE - The Worker arrives on site and touches the icon for SeeMySite on their mobile phone. A list of available sites are presented to the Worker who then click on the Site they will be working at. 


STEP TWO - The Worker then uses the duration wheel to let the User know how long they expect to be on site. NOTE: There is the ability to set a 'default' duration at the branch level to make it even easier for a Worker to use. i.e. If 8 hours is the default then that is what the Worker sees, and just needs to chose their Site and log in. 


STEP THREE - Thats it! They are logged in. Workers can choose to add job notes if they desire - either at the start when they log in to the Site they are working at, or at the completion of their work on site. There are no additional charges if the Worker wants to log in and out of the site for lunch - or if they have to leave the Site and come back. 

Also Available....

Mobile Timesheet view.jpg

Weekly Timesheets 

Mobile add Event Screen.jpg


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