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  • ID - We generate this.

  • CODE - An identifier we will generate in our system

  • NAME -  Yes..we're going to need one of those

  • EXTERNAL REF - A unique identifier that you use for your Site. More often than not a contract or job number

  • ORGANISATION - This may be your company or a branch name. We can cater for any number of branches/regions that you may need

  • MOBILE NUMBER -  We need one of these for each Worker who is using the service. Since SeeMySite works anywhere, we'll need your country ID before the mobile.

  • FULL ADDRESS - Yes please...the more accurate the better of course to enable the mapping function to operate

  • HIDE FROM MOBILE WORKER - Turn this off if you don't want the site to be visible to Workers. . 

SeeMySite doesn't work without Sites! Sites availability is fundamental to the service - even if that is only one site, as we do have customers who choose to have just one site - let's say 'Work' and they allow their Workers to log in and out to a generic site. This is just a simple way of getting rid of the paper and digitizing the Timesheet process. a base requirement, all SeeMySite needs to function is a Name and some form of External reference number, and Workers can log in and out. Of course...if you want to use the location services component of the service then we do need a physical address which we can in turn geocode for comparison to a Workers mobile at the time of logging. 

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