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 Event Information

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SeeMySite keeps a record of all Events that are logged against each site and appends these to the Site Details area. The reason for this is to have an accurate record of not just attendance information, but also any Hazard or Incident information for that Site. So New Hazards or Incidents can be entered directly through this function at the Site level, or also through the main Events tab. 

EVENTS within SeeMySite are recorded as either: 

  • Hazards

  • Incidents

We differentiate between the two types events by considering Hazards to be things that 'can' cause harm to Workers and have yet to do so. Whereas an Incident is something that has occurred to a Worker/s and needs some form of notification and Audit trail. 

Additionally...Workers can report both Hazards and Incidents from the filed and these will be notified to the direct Supervisor of the Worker, from within SeeMySite. All such notifications from the field retain a status of "Reported" until they have been able to be viewed/confirmed by an Administrator - at which stage they become 'Accepted'. In the case of Hazards, these notifications are then added to the Site's Hazard register and are notified to the Worker when they next log in/out from the relevant site. SeeMySite is a timesheet time tracker

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