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The SeeMySite Tabs and Services

Once registered as a user (Free Trial) you will be able to load Sites and Workers and use the various SeeMySite tabs. In an effort to make sure that Worker and Site information is easy to view and readily available we've kept the tab/organisational structure as simple as possible. NOTE: More information is available by clicking on the relevant images below

Worker Information

Woker Attendance information.gif

Worker Information is limited to some key fields such as Name, Worker Reference Number and most importantly the Workers Mobile phone number.


The mobile phone number acts as a unique identify within SeeMySite - so once the Workers' Mobile has been recorded, a User (Web Browser Access) can 'Invite' a Worker to use their mobile.


The Worker will receive an SMS invite which contains their registration information. Once the Worker responds to this SMS message and registers they are able to use the SeeMySite service. 

Site Information

SIte Details with Map.gif

Site Information also is limited to some key fields such as Site Name, Site Reference Number as well as any External Reference number that an organisation may use.


Once an address has been added we use the Google Maps API to display the Lat/Long information - which is used to verify the Site location against the Workers Mobile location when their mobile is used to log in/out.


Attendance information per site is then available for display/export via the SeeMySite Web Browser

Event Information

Hazard and Incident Information

Events in SeeMySite typically are either reported and recorded as Hazards or Incidents. A hazard being something that is likely to cause danger/bodily harm to a Worker, whereas an Incident is something that actually did cause (or a near miss) harm to a Worker. 

Events can be reported from the field by a Worker, but will not display as an actual event until approved by an Administrator. Any events that are added by an Administrator via the SeeMySite web browser will be shown as approved and will be available and displayed to Workers when they log in/out. 

Overdue Information

Overdue Worker Notification.jpg

Overdue Worker information is available via the dashboard page which is displayed on initial sign in. Workers have the ability via the mobile service to be able to tell a User how long they expect to be on site. At each level a User is able to set a default time that is displayed on the Workers mobile, however if this changes then a Worker can set a new log out time. 

In the event that a Worker fails to log out then SeeMySite can send them a reminder to log out. We do this twice after which a notification can be sent to the Workers Supervisor  - alerting them to the fact the Worker failed to log out. Once the Worker logs out then the counter on the dashboard reduces by 1. The goal of course is to have no Overdue Workers!

Timesheet Information

Timesheet with Calendar.gif

Time Attendance information is available for all Workers and Sites via the Time Records Tab. This module and all other modules at SeeMySite have a column chooser function available to the User, so information can be displayed or hidden as the User considers appropriate. 

Additionally, a user has the ability to search back through a large amount of previous Time Record data, rather than just displaying the previous week or fortnight. SeeMySite also has the concept of being able to approve time that has been recorded. Using this function a User is able to amend time that has been recorded by a Worker so that an 'approved' file is able to be exported for payroll. NOTE: Actual times are still retained - just not used for export purposes. 

Export Information

Export Time Records for payroll.jpg

The ultimate goal of course is to produce meaningful information from Workers attending sites to be able to export this information and be able to use it for payroll purposes. 

Once a User has gone through the process of amending and approving any electronic information received SeeMySite again deals with this as simply as possible, by providing an Excel export format. The User just needs to ensure that they selected the appropriate date range and Workers and then simply presses the Excel export function to produce the file. 

NOTE: The column chooser function will allow the User to only export the information that is relevant to them. 

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